HVAC Solutions LLC is birthed out of long lasting tradition. With over 46 years of family-owned HVAC experience, an old tradition led to this new creation. HVAC Solutions aspires to the call of excellency in providing you with all of your commercial heating and cooling needs. Our winning combination includes valued customer service, experienced technicians who do the job right, and very competitive pricing!

We are the Solution you’ve been waiting for!

ac editHVAC Solutions is a premier commercial heating and cooling contractor in the Indianapolis, IN area. We offer everything you need to build and maintain your heating and cooling systems. Our commercial HVAC technicians are skilled in servicing nearly anything you might have.  Feel free to call on us for problems with Rooftop units, Split Systems, VAV boxes, Cooling Towers, Water Source Heat Pumps, Boilers, Chillers, Pumps, Fan Coil Units, Exhaust Fans, Computer Room Equipment, Heat Exchangers, Control Systems, and anything else you might have.
Vent editHVAC Solutions also works hard to help you maintain proper ventilation so your occupants will enjoy the highest level of indoor air quality within your facilities. Whether you are operating within a hospital, restaurant or an industrial facility, we want to make sure your patients, customers and staff are equipped with the proper exhaust or ventilation system. Let HVAC Solutions handle all of your commercial ventilation needs.
refrig editNeeding commercial refrigeration or need your commercial refrigeration replaced? HVAC Solutions will provide you with the right service and the right price. We can keep your merchandise at the right temperature. If you need us quickly for repairs, please call our emergency line. We specialize in walk-in coolers, walk-in freezers, ice makers, reach in boxes, display cases, beverage coolers, ice cream freezers and much more!
BAS1bwBAS systems provide economic advantages with energy efficiency. BAS systems are designed for HVAC control, lighting control, computerized maintenance scheduling, life-safety functions (such as smoke control), and access (security) control. Building automation systems, which are present in more than half of all buildings in the U.S. larger than 100,000 square feet, save an average of about 10 percent of overall building energy consumption. For older or poorly maintained buildings, the savings can be even greater. In addition to saving energy, these systems may also reduce the costs of overall building maintenance.

Sign up for our Preventive Maintenance Program. Just like you get routine oil changes for your car, make sure your HVAC systems are working properly to maximize their working capacity and minimize their energy consumption.


  • Oil or grease all bearings, including motors, fan and dampers.
  • Visual inspection for leaks that may have occurred on equipment or piping.
  • Inspect all controls and contact points within the covered equipment.
  • Check refrigerant charge.
  • Check condition of drain screens and pans.
  • Provide and replace standard efficiency filters.
  • Inspect and adjust valves, controls and damper settings and time clock settings per design function.
  • Inspect air-cooled condenser and evaporator coils and recommend cleaning as required for maximum efficiency and safety.
  • Check belt/sheave adjustment, alignment and condition.
  • Report on general condition of units including cabinets, unusual noise or vibrations.
  • Instruct personnel responsible for the operation of the equipment.
  • Submit work recommended reports and energy saving recommendations as applicable.